How Does Tide To Go Work?

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How Does Tide To Go Work?

What Is Tide to Go?

Tide to Go is an instant stain remover that comes in a marker-style applicator. It helps eliminate fresh food and drink stains without having to remove the clothes you are wearing; you can apply the solution right on the clothing. It was created for those stains that occur at work or on when you are away from home. Stains that Tide to Go works well on include tomato juice, barbecue sauce, grape juice, coffee, tea, wine and even chocolate syrup. It does not work well on greasy stains, ink, blood and grass stains. It is not meant for set-in stains. However, it does remove other stains without the use of water, and fits conveniently in a pocketbook or briefcase. It is popular because of its convenience and effectiveness. It comes in a single pack, three-pick and a five-pack.

How to Use Tide to Go

Before using the Tide to Go pen, remove the residue left from the stain. Then, press the tip of the pen on the stain several times to remove the liquid solution onto the stain. Rub the tip gently across the stain to remove it. Repeat with more liquid, if necessary. It's a good idea to place a paper towel under the stained material to capture any liquid. Also, consider blotting the stain with a paper towel after you have completed the application. If the stain does not come out, you will need to pre-treat the stain before washing. Tide to Go is not meant to be used as a pretreatment product. If you are concerned about fading colors, test a small area first. Tide to Go is safe for most color-safe materials, machine washable materials, and dry cleanable fabrics.

How Tide to Go Works

Tide to Go was created specifically for fresh food and drink stains that a person encounters while "on the go." It was created after consumer research showed what type of stains are most common when a person is away from home. Because Tide to Go is used on fresh stains and color-safe garments, the ingredients are peroxide (non-chlorine bleach), surfactant and perfume. Non-chlorine bleaches are materials that release oxygen, which cleans and bleaches stains. Peroxide is liquid non-chlorine bleach and is non-toxic. Surfactants are wetting agents that help ingredients spread easily. The result of these ingredients is a convenient laundry agent that works wherever you are.