What Does Spring Do to Cherry Trees?

Cherry trees undergo a number of transformations in the springtime. Without the spring to awaken the tree before it begins producing fruit, the cherry would be unable to continue growing.

Spring brings many changes for cherry trees.


Spring awakens cherry trees from dormancy. Deciduous trees enter a dormant state during the winter to protect themselves from the low temperatures and lack of sunlight. Once temperatures begin to rise and the days lengthen, the cherry tree emerges from its dormant state and begins growing again.


Cherry trees start producing blooms in the spring in preparation for putting out cherries. Blossoms attract bees and beneficial insects to the tree and allow them to pollinate the flowers, encouraging the development of fruit. Cherry trees produce leaves in the spring as well.


Cherry trees take in nutrients in the spring. The combination of nutrients from the soil, energy from the sunlight and water allows the tree to photosynthesize, which allows it to continue growing, producing leaves and putting out flowers and cherries.

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