Homemade Rice Polisher

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Polishing rice is something that has been done in Japan for a long time. Essentially it is adding nutrients to the rice. In the United States this is generally done before sale, but if you wish to polish your own rice without buying a machine to do it for you, there is a simple solution.


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Rice Polishing

Rice polishing is adding nutrients to the rice. It can be done to the individual grains or prior to planting, the grains can be soaked in a solution that will ensure that they grow with the added nutrients already in them.


Do it Yourself

Polishing the rice yourself without buying a machine is simple. One needs to purchase glucose or talc powder as this is what the rice tends to be coated with when polished. Then with hot water and a container, the polishing may begin. Put the rice in a container and add some hot water; for every cup of rice, there should be one cup of glucose or talc powder and one and a half cups of water. Cover the container and rigorously shake the mixture together ensuring that everything is thoroughly coated.


Purchasing Materials

A regular food-safe container with a snap-on lid is perfect to put everything in while polishing your rice. Glucose and talc powder are easily found at many bulk food stores.

Modern Day Rice

These days, many people do not polish their rice as there is no need for it. When going to the grocery store and buying rice, the product is already coated in nutrients and polished. Thus there is no real need for many to carry on this practice.



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