Tropical Island Trees

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Trees grow on a tropical island.

Visitors from across the world flock to tropical islands in search of a lush, warm environment in which to relax. The warm, sunny climates typical of these islands encourage the growth of a variety of trees.


Flowering Trees

Flowering trees that flourish on tropical islands develop blooms in a variety of colors and styles. Flowering tropical trees include the flamboyant tree, a small tree that produces showy large red and yellow flowers during the summer. The Jamaican rain tree produces flowers only after a heavy rain, while the pink trumpet and yellow elder flower all year long.

Fruiting Trees

Sea grapes and coconut palms often grow along the beaches of tropical islands. Tropical trees such as the genip and tamarind grow in inland forests. Other tropical trees that develop fruit include the papaya, mango, soursop and starfruit.



Mangroves include 70 species of tree that live directly on the coastline of some tropical islands. The roots of these trees extend into the salt water of the ocean, providing homes for starfish, alligators and other creatures. These trees can grow up to 60 feet tall and provide homes for birds, monkeys and crabs.