How Often Should You Water a Corn Plant?

Corn plants (Dracaena fragrans) are tropical houseplants that require a low amount of maintenance. Like most houseplants, corn plants’ main problems have to do with too much or too little water. The key to watering corn plants is to observe the soil.

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Corn plants need to dry out a bit between waterings. When the top of the soil becomes dry to the touch, then pour water into the top of the container and allow it to run through the plant pot. Corn plants will need watering more often in the summer than in the winter.


Too much water combined with poor-draining soil will lead to root rot. One symptom of over-watering is the sudden loss of several leaves. Too little water will be revealed by dry and brown leaf tips and edges.


Allow the water to sit out for a couple of hours before using. This process lets the water warm up to room temperature and lets the chemicals settle. Corn plants are sensitive to fluoride in tap water. The best source of water for corn plants is rainwater.


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