Horsetail Propagation

The horsetail plant species includes 25 different plants. These plants range from between 4 inches to 2 feet in size. They are aggressive weeds, and understanding how they propagate gives you a better understanding of how to deal with the plants


Horsetail plants bear cone-like structures that burst, putting out spores that germinate in fertile soil. Horsetail plants also propagate through spreading rhizomes. Rhizomes grow out underground and then grow upwards into an entirely new plants.


Horsetails can propagate themselves in a wide variety of settings. They thrive in wet, poorly drained soils, and they tolerate a wide variety of soils, including sandy locations and gravelly locations. They are often found along roadsides and beaches.


Because horsetails propagate through rhizomes, do not till them into the ground, as breaking the roots only lead to more plants. Instead, cover the area with a black plastic sheet and leave it in place for a year to kill off the plants.