The Best Month to Plant Blueberries in Alabama

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One way to eat blueberries right from your garden is in fruit salad.

One of the easiest blueberry varieties to grow in Alabama is the Rabbiteye, which is native to the Southeastern United States. Rabbiteye and some other varieties of blueberry require little effort, yet will produce between 12 and 25 pounds of fruit every season.


In addition to Rabbiteye, Brightwell, Premier, Climax and Powderblue are good varieties to plant in Alabama gardens. In Northern Alabama, hardier highbush blueberry varieties may be a better choice. Highbush berries do well in raised gardens in South Alabama.


Blueberries need full sun to produce prolifically and set the best quality fruit. Make sure the plants have well-drained, acidic soil with a pH between 4.5 and 5.2, and are planted at least 5 feet apart in the garden. Protect the plants from late frosts that may occur, especially in North Alabama.

When to Plant

Plant container-grown nursery blueberries anytime from October to March. If the blueberries are bare-root, plant them between December and February. Once leaves begin to appear, protect the plants from frost.


Although young blueberry plants may not produce fruit the first year, once they begin producing, you can begin picking fruit sometime between April and September. Rabbiteyes are ready in early June.

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