Easy Metal Rose Welding Projects for High School Students

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Welding a rose can be a simple project.

Welding a metal rose is a simple but effective project for high school students. The finished product will be beautiful enough to give as a gift to a loved one and can enhance an indoor or outdoor space.



Recycling is the cheapest option for materials.

Your rose can be made from a variety of metals but the cheapest option for high school students is to recycle. Choose aluminum cans or foil containers. A sturdier, more durable rose can be made from a sheet of steel available at auto-repair shops.


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Cutting the Metal

Cut patterns to the basic shapes you will need. A cone for the center of the rose and ellipse shapes to form the petals. The petals will need to be different sizes, bigger at the outside of the rose and smaller in the center. Take apart a real rose to see how the petals are shaped. Cut the petals using aviation snips. Cut leaf shapes and use scraps for thorns. The stem can be made from a round bar of metal that can be bent and sanded.



Assemble the rose fixing the cone center to the stem first. Bend and mold the individual petals before welding them into place.

Pay attention to the way the petals are unfurled to represent an open rose or a half-open bud.

Affix the leaves in pairs paying attention to crimping the edges for detail. Finally, add the thorns to the stem.



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