Do Juniper Trees Have a Short Life Span?

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Juniper trees keep their bright, spindly leaves, even in cold weather.

Juniper trees add year-round vibrancy to your yard. These coniferous trees retain leaves even in winter and they grow berry clusters in the spring and summer. However, before you plant a juniper tree, you should know just how long this plant will survive in your lawn or garden space.


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Juniper trees are relatively hardy, able to survive even in nutrient-poor soil. Soil should be moist, but not overly muddy or wet. If you keep your junipers well-watered, they will be healthier and live longer.


Time Frame

Juniper trees can live up to 20 years if well cared for. Black or bluish-purple juniper berries will slowly appear over the course of the first three years.


After the first three to four years of life, a juniper will reach maturity and it will not grow as quickly. The Compressa juniper grows to only about 32 inches tall, according to the American Horticultural Society. Other juniper varieties grow up to 15 feet tall.