Problems With Aristocrat Pear Trees

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The Aristocrat Pear is an ornamental tree used in garden landscaping. It does not produce pears or any kind of edible fruit, but merely a thick spring foliage of white flowers.

Physical Problems

Aristocrat pear trees suffer from a few issues based on the way they grow. First, the tree's bark is very thin, so it can be easily damaged. The thick growth of flowers can cause the branches to droop and potentially break. If located near a road or pathway, the tree requires large amounts of cutting back so as not to cause an obstruction.


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The trees can be susceptible to attack from aphids and insects that bore into both the fruits and the wood. Aphid attacks have been known to affect the normal growth of the trees.



The main disease problem with the aristocrat pear is the bacteria known as fireblight. It causes damage to the bark in the form of peeling and will turn the leaves red, as if it was autumn, but they won't fall from the branches. Branches affected by the blight will die and must be removed to try and control the spread of the disease.



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