Mitsubishi D2000 Specs

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One of Japan's largest corporations, Mitsubishi began producing agricultural products in 1914. Until 1980, some of the company's tractors were produced by Satoh Agricultural Machinery Mfg. Co, a Mitsubishi division. Mitsubishi-branded tractors have been produced since the 1960s, including the Mitsubishi D2000.


Engine and Transmission

The Mitsubishi D2000 tractor features a two-cylinder, diesel engine with approximately 23 horsepower and a displacement of 1 cubic centimeter. The tractor has a gear drive transmission and is two-wheel drive.


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The D2000 is no longer in production. Mitsubishi ended the Satoh line in 1980. Satoh products were sold in the United States throughout the 1970s and early 1980s. Parts for the tractor can be difficult to find.



Like most Mitsubishi tractors, the D2000 is classified as compact. The D2000 features a single seat for the driver and does not provide cover or such amenities as air conditioning or a radio that are common on contemporary tractors. In keeping with the Mitsubishi tractor brand, the D2000 is painted light blue and black and features white-rimmed wheels.


Gray Market Tractors

Tractors that were originally built for use in their country of origin but imported to another country are known as gray market tractors. The Mitsubishi D2000 is one such tractor.



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