What Is Double Smoked Bacon?

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Double-smoked bacon, common in Poland and Germany, has been popping up recently in haute American cuisine and gourmet groceries, often with a heftier price tag than the kind of bacon you might order in a typical diner. Understanding what makes double-smoked bacon different can help you make informed decision about whether to shell out the extra cash.


Longer Smoking Time

Double-smoked bacon stays in the wood smoker for 24 hours, compared to the six hours or less that commercially-produced American bacon spends in the smoker. The long smoking time gives double-smoked bacon a complex and deep smoky flavor.


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Lack of Brine Injection

Commercially-produced American bacon is generally injected with a brine solution to quickly cure it, while double-smoked bacon is cured more slowly in a mixture of dry spices and its own juices. The lack of extra moisture gives double-smoked bacon a thicker, meatier texture.


Thicker Cut

Double-smoked bacon is generally cut more thickly than typical American bacon.



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