How Tall Do Palm Trees Grow?

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Depending on the species, palm trees can grow up to 100 feet over a period of several years. At the other end of the scale, miniature or "bonsai" palms can fit easily inside an apartment living room.

Normal Heights

Different species of palm trees attain different heights. The Queen Palm, for instance, can reach 60 feet in height, while the Majesty Palm grows to a maximum height of 35 feet and the Black Trunk Palm can reach a towering height of 80 feet. Mexican Fan Palms can grow up to 100 feet tall.

Bonsai Palms

Bonsai, or miniature potted palms, represent an unusual variation on the normally tall palm tree. According to the International Palm Society, these miniature palms, ranging from three to four feet in height, offer an alternative for apartment dwellers who would like to own a palm tree but have no room to grow a full-sized specimen.


The conservation organization American Forests includes palms as eligible candidates for its National Registry of Big Trees, recognizing the tallest of each species as a National Champion. The height of a palm tree, measured properly, includes the foliage as well as the trunk.