What is a Certified Pitmaster?

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Certified Pitmaster is a title held by people who complete a barbecue class. This term became famous in Kansas City, where barbecue classes are offered to teach people the exact techniques used in barbecuing.


You can earn a diploma as a Certified Pitmaster by taking a one-day class that lasts about five hours. Smokin' Joes Barbecue is the restaurant offering these classes. which are taught by experts in the art of barbecuing. Those completing the class become Certified Pitmasters. If you wish to attend, you must pay a fee when registering.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day


The Pitmaster class teaches techniques for authentic cooking over a wood-smoke grill. The types of food cooked during this class are slow-smoked beef brisket, barbecued pulled pork shoulder and spare ribs. Other food is provided along with the meats, including coleslaw, baked beans and corn bread.


This one-day class teaches the history of barbecue and explains basic tools and equipment used in the process. It also teaches the difference between grilling, barbecuing and cooking with smoke. In addition, the class offers techniques for all three cooking methods and leaves students with a better understanding of the elements required for great barbecuing.