How Fast Do Gardenias Grow?

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Gardenias are flowering shrubs that originally came from China. They are now popular with many gardeners and home landscapers for their combination of fragrant white flowers and attractive glossy foliage, according to the University of Florida. Gardenias grow differently depending on the species and planting location.



Some gardenias grow faster than others, such as "Miami Supreme" and "Coral Gables." Slightly slower growing cultivars include "Belmont" and "Glazerii." "Radicans" and "Veitchii" are some of the slowest growing gardenias. As a group, gardenias are considered to have a moderate growth rate.

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Some varieties of gardenias reach a mature height of about 6 feet, though dwarf versions reach a height of only 3 feet within a three-year period, according to North Carolina State University.


Ideal Conditions

Gardenias flower profusely when planted in well-drained soil with full sun. They also prefer moderate temperatures and a humid climate. Factor in the expected full size of your gardenia when choosing a planting location. Keep spacing between gardenias to a minimum of 5 feet to provide adequate room for future growth.