What Kind of Flower Does a Marigold Look Like?

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Marigolds are a common garden flower.

Marigolds are a popular garden flower, planted for their colorful, aromatic blossom and their natural characteristic of repelling insects. Some of the common varieties include the Mexican (or African) Marigold, the pot Marigold and the Field Marigold.



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Marigolds are composite flowers that are classified in the genus Calendula, which is part of the Aster family. There are about 20 species of Calendula, plus numerous hybrids and cultivars. All of this genus has a fairly similar appearance.

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Corn Marigold, Chrysanthemum segetum)

The Corn Marigold (Chrysanthemum segetum), despite its name and appearance, is actually a member of the genus Chrysanthemum. In fact most of the different species of Chrysanthemum look very similar to the marigolds.


Asters and Composites

Since Marigold is in the Aster family, there will be many family members that may resemble the marigold. Within the aster families such flowers as the African Daisy, Sow-thistle, Dogweed, Zinnia, Tansy and Dandelion have a definite similarity to marigolds.



Cinquefoils, although not a composite, have a slight resemblance to marigolds. Members of the rose family, cinquefoils are smaller colorful flowers that are common in both field and garden.



Within the buttercup family there is a common wildflower called the Marsh Marigold, Caltha palustris, which can resemble a true marigold. Most of the buttercup family produces small flowers, but some of the larger buttercups can resemble a marigold.



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