Is it Best to Use Fertilizer Before it Rains?

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Fertilizers need water to become effective and not harm your lawn. Applying fertilizer at the right time and in safe amounts can do wonders for the look and health of your lawn.


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Fertilizers and Water

In order to improve the performance of your fertilizer, apply it before it rains. Fertilizers need water in order to become effective. If they sit on your lawn too long without water, they can "burn" your lawn.


Alternatively, you can water your lawn soon after the fertilizer is applied in order to improve its efficacy.


Excessive Rain

If there is excessive rain, runoff fertilizer can contaminate the local creeks and rivers, and can be damaging to the environment and local wildlife. If you are planning to fertilize before it rains, it is best to avoid days with a high probability of consecutive downpours.

The Environment

Consider using organic fertilizers, which are generally safer for the environment.



Regardless of the fertilizer you chose, it is best to distribute your fertilizer evenly and not use excess amounts–this will work best both for your lawn and the environment; It will prevent runoffs and not burn your grass. Ideal amounts vary, depending on the type, so read the instructions for the one you have selected.