What Is Cotton Percale?

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Cotton percale sheet

Cotton percale is a type of fabric used for making bed sheets. Cotton is the fiber used in the fabric, and percale refers to the pattern in which the fibers are woven.



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Cotton percale is available in different thread counts and types of cotton, as well as different colors and patterns.

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Percale woven fabrics consist of an equal number of fibers in the width and height of the fabric.


Cotton percale sheets must have a minimum thread count of 180. This means there are 180 individual threads per one square inch of fabric.


Although thread count can be an indicator of quality, the type of cotton used is just as important in determining how the cotton percale will feel.



Pima, Supima and Egyptian are all long fiber cottons that will provide a soft feel to cotton percale sheets.


Cotton percale sheets tend to shrink when they are washed for the first time, so don't worry if they fit a little loosely on your bed before you wash them.


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