Is Clorox Poisonous?

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Though safer to use than many other products containing bleach, there are still significant uses associated with its use.



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Clorox Bleach, like other household bleaches, is a highly diluted bleach containing a sodium hypocholirite solution, or chlorine bleach. Though not significantly different in chemical make up from generic bleaches, Clorox does contain additional whitening agents.

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Dangers of Ingestion

As with other bleach products, Clorox is a dangerous substance when ingested. Even though Clorox is a diluted bleach product, the caustic effects can be harmful to the mouth, esophagus, and digestive tract of the affected individual.


Dangers of Mixing

The most common cause of poisoning related to the use of bleach is through its mixture with other common household cleaning substances. Perhaps the most dangerous among these is the combination of bleach with ammonia products, which will result in the release of potentially fatal chlorine gas.



Though there are competing claims about whether or not the use of bleach can cause cancer, there have not been any definitive studies proving that it is in fact a carcinogen.

Accidental Ingestion

Those who have accidentally ingested or inhaled chlorine are suggested to immediately call the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222. For further information about local poison control centers, please visit the website of the American Association of Poison Control Centers at the website listed under 'Resources.'


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