What Type of Paint Is Good for Indoor Fireplace Bricks?

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Paint can spruce up a fireplace.

Shabby and outdated interior bricks benefit from sprucing up with a little paint. Color choices can be bold or neutral as long as you select the right type of paint for the job. When painting a hearth or fireplace, always allow the paint to dry thoroughly before using the fireplace.



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Both 100 percent acrylic paint and oil-based paints work on indoor bricks. However, acrylic paint has less odor than oil-based paint.

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A fast-drying primer made from 100 percent acrylic is the best choice to use on interior bricks. Always use a primer on bricks before painting.



One gallon of paint will cover around 250 square feet.


Use rollers and brushes to paint the brick. These tools work much better than sprayers and are easy to control.



Divide the brick into small sections before painting. Never paint a large area of brick at one time.



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