Difference Between Sunflower Kernels & Seeds

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The sunflower seed is native to the United States. Sunflower seeds are also produced in other parts of the world.


Sunflower seeds contain the sunflower kernel. The part of the seed that contains the kernel is called the "hull." The kernel is the edible part of the seed.


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How Seeds Are Eaten

Sunflower seeds are usually chewed until the kernel is eaten, then the hull is expectorated (spit out). The hulls are not very edible (they do contain fiber).


One ounce of sunflower kernels has 160 calories. One cup of sunflower kernels weighs 4.2 ounces.

Where They Are Grown

The states that produce the most sunflower seeds are the Dakotas, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, and California. Other countries that produce sunflower seeds are China, India, South Africa, Russia, Turkey, and Argentina.



Sunflower seed hulls may be present a choking hazard, especially in children.



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