Parts of a Drill Press

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Drill bit speeds are adjustable

A drill press is a stationary drill that is secured by bolts to a workbench, floor or stand. It has five parts, including a base, table, column, spindle and drill head.



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The base can be any securely fastened, unmovable object to which the other parts of the drill press are attached.

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The table supports the object being drilled and can be moved vertically to accommodate the size of the object and facilitate the job at hand. Some tables can be adjusted through rotation to a position perpendicular to the column.



The column supports the table and is affixed to the base.


The spindle holds the drill head in place while it drills the object. Its speed can be adjusted to control the circumference and depth of the hole being bored.


Drill Head

The drill head holds the drill bits securely in place with chucks. Drill bits vary in size and shape depending upon the desired results.