Is Crayola Washable Paint Toxic If Ingested?

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Paint can and will get everywhere. It's a fact of life.

Crayola brand washable paint, which is touted as being easy to wash from clothing, walls and carpets, allows a young artist to go wild with her creativity. No matter how safe a product is, however, children will always be curious. The Material Safety Data Sheet for Crayola washable paints gives a conflicting answer to the question at hand: is the paint toxic if ingested?



Crayola washable paint is an odorless liquid that comes in a variety of colors that is marketed under the authority of Crayola Brands incorporated as a safe-to-use paint that will wash off of nearly every surface.


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The label of Crayola brand washable paint states that the product has been certified non-toxic by the Art and Creative Materials Institute.

Health Risks

The MSDS for the product states that there is no significant health effect from inhaling, ingesting or allowing the product to come into contact with skin or eyes.


Emergency Medical Care

Despite the MSDS for this product stating that there is no health risk from ingestion of this product it advises that, should the product be ingested or swallowed, that a poison control center and/or emergency medical health facility be contacted immediately.



The reason that emergency medical care should be sought is not because the paint itself is toxic, but because the pigments that are contained within certain colors may be toxic in dosage, depending upon the color of paint, as well as the age and weight of the person who has ingested it and the quantity of paint ingested.



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