What Is Tacky Glue?

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Tacky glue is a popular adhesive used in many crafts projects or minor repairs.


Tacky glue is a very thick PVA, or polyvinyl acetate glue, used to adhere items that would slip away with thinner glues such as school glue. It dries clear and flexible.


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Tacky glue might discolor certain items, will peel off of glass, metal and plastic after it dries, and is not pH neutral for achival items. The glue cleans up with soap and water.



This and other types of PVA glues must be kept from freezing.

The most popular brands for this type of glue are Aleene's, Elmer's, Scotch Quick Drying and Acme.


Where to Buy

Tacky glue can be found at most stores that sell craft and hobby items, many big-box stores such as like Walmart and Target, and online.



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