How Much Should it Cost to Replace Brick Front Steps?

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Brick steps can be pleasing to the eye.

The Price Can Be Worth It

Brick steps add elegance.

The price of replacing brick front steps can be worth it. Brick front steps can increase the aesthetic appeal and overall value of a house. "Next to the total cost of the brick," states, "the cost of the mortar" edging, sand and gravel "is comparatively small."

Beware of Hidden Costs

Brick steps can be custom designed.

Many hidden costs often exist when it comes to replacing brick. Removing large sections of brick takes time and money as does adding a convenience like a hand rail. In addition, warns, "whether or not a platform (landing) is required" can substantially adjust the overall cost.

Bottom Line

Bricks can be curved or angled.

The price of replacing brick front steps "typically costs between $.50 and $3.00 per brick," according to Measure your steps accurately so that you buy only the amount of bricks you need. Professional brick layers can fix steps fast--although changing a layout or design will add cost and time.