Uses for Silicone Spray

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Silicone spray can remove stains and soften leather.

Silicone spray is readily available under various brand names in most major hardware stores. It can be used as a lubricant on a variety of surfaces, including metal, rubber and wood, but also makes many objects such as leather water repellent. It can be used to prevent rust on metal objects or to insulate electrical parts. Because it has so many uses, it is a handy product to keep in your tool chest.


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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Unstick connected plastic toy construction blocks by spraying silicone directly at the seam where the blocks are attached. Gently pull on the blocks to allow the silicone to work its way in between the two pieces. Wait a moment, then pull hard. The blocks should separate.

If stacked glasses have become stuck and you don't want to risk pulling too hard and shattering them, use silicone spray. Spray each glass separately, then wait while the spray drips down into the other glasses. After a minute or two, try lightly pulling the glasses apart, and they should slide out easily. Wash the glasses thoroughly before using.



Break in new leather shoes by spraying them first with silicone. The silicone will soften the leather, making it more malleable, which translates to fewer blisters. If an older pair of shoes has developed an annoying squeak, place them on a pile of old newspaper. Spray silicone where the heel and sole connect, allowing the excess to drip on the paper. Wait a few minutes before wearing.

Tool Time

Spray silicone on the wooden handles of your tools. Silicone will keep the wood from drying out, so that it doesn't splinter. Silicone can also help repel water, so if you accidentally leave your good shovel out on a rainy day, it won't be ruined if you regularly spray it with silicone.


Adhesive Free

Remove labels from all jars by spraying the paper label with silicone. Wait a few minutes, then peel the label away. If there is any leftover adhesive still stuck to the jar, simply spray again, then wash the area. Wash the jar thoroughly inside and out before using with food.

If you have "superglue" stuck to your fingers, spray silicone on it, wait a moment, then wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. In fact, spray silicone can remove hardened-on glue from almost any hard surface. Spray on the silicone, wait a few moments, then wipe clean with a damp sponge.


Out Out Darn Spot

Remove blood stains and tomato stains from clothes by spraying silicone on the stain while it is still damp. Throw the clothes in the washing machine and the stains should come right out.

Spray silicone on scuff marks on your tile or linoleum floor to easily remove them. Wait a moment, then wipe with a damp cloth.


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