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Unconventional as tattoo artistry is, certification is not widely available. Online tattoo artist certification is now available to supply the demanding need for tattoo artists. Various courses are available now, with the expert advice of professional artists.


Types of Training Courses

Various Internet websites offer tattoo training courses. Correspondence is available in which course materials are sent to your home to learn independently. Other programs are completely virtual. Virtual courses provide learning material online, including a final certification exam. Other courses involve videos, online reading material and an online apprenticeship with a professional artist, such as that from Gary at the International School of Body Art. Most of these courses are legitimate but it is best to do individual research on whichever specific program you choose.


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Costs of Certification

Dependent on the type of course you choose, the costs of certification vary. Some websites are available free of cost to study and learn the material, with a final exam price only. As of June 2010, the approximate exam cost is $50-$75. The apprenticeship programs can range from $500-$1,800. The cost of courses generally outline the quality of training.


Time Frame

Most online certification programs last one year. This includes the apprenticeship program which offers mentoring from a professional for one year. Actual time frames vary from video to books. Time for practice must also be considered as practical application is necessary, watching or reading is insufficient alone.



Although many types of certification are available, licensing and certification is not necessarily needed in all states. Obtaining a certificate from an online source also does not guarantee clients or income. It also does not equate with raw talent. As with most careers, it is best to be passionate about tattooing while possessing realistic talent.



It seems as though online certification is convenient, and somewhat simple. However, for such an expenditure, as costs can reach up to $2,000, it is best to not rule out conventional methods. Considering the seriousness of working on the human body, it is also important to choose a method that will best serve your safety as well as that of your future clients. Keep in mind the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires annual training on handling infectious material, such as blood, in addition to any certification programs.



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