Why Do Push Mowers Have Bigger Wheels in the Back?

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Bigger wheels will provide a smoother ride.

Older push mowers had four wheels that were all the same size. Now, they are available with larger rear wheels. These wheels are 12 inches in diameter and are made of a hard plastic. There are many advantages to purchasing one of these mowers as they provide for a smoother ride and more control among other benefits.



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With bigger rear wheels, a mower turns easier. This is ideal for a homeowner with a lot of obstacles in their yard. Smaller wheels do not turn as quickly and sharply as larger wheels.

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The mower's larger rear wheels allow it to be pushed easier than smaller wheels. The rear wheels are also easier to use on hard ground as smaller wheels do not have as much pushing power as larger wheels.



If there are tree roots, rocks or other pieces of debris in the yard, large rear wheels will allow the user to drive more easily over them. With small rear wheels. the wheels will not ride over these pieces of debris. Lifting the mower around these pieces is the only thing that can be done.


Use on Larger Lawns

Smaller wheels take more energy to push. Larger rear wheels do not take as much effort. For large lawns and fields, this is ideal because any energy the user can save will help.


Smaller wheels are bumpier than larger wheels. In some cases, it feels like the mower will fall out of the user's hand. With larger wheels, the ride is smoother, which allows for better control.


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