What Is a Mandolin Slicer?

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A kitchen mandolin slicer is a tool that is used by professional and home cooks for cutting vegetables, fruit and other foods. The mandolin or the French spelling, mandoline, has blades that are extremely sharp. The blades make precise cuts making the food easier to cook and use for appealing meals and dishes. The cuts can be one inch thick to a paper thin slice. Once a cook uses a mandolin, knives and choppers easily go to the back of the storage compartment.



There are three types of mandolin, or mandoline slicers. There is an adjustable platform, a platform and a flat board mandolin. The adjustable platform mandolin is a self contained unit which allows the tool to be manually adjusted to cause the blades to cut different thicknesses in the foods you are using. The platform mandolin has a limited number of cutting thicknesses which are cut with plates that are placed in to the tool. The flat board mandolin is built with one main blade and is used for one basic cut such as the thin julienne slice.



You can make sticks, crinkle cuts and slices in any thickness that you adjust the mandolin plates to. The crinkle cuts are made by cutting the food in two directions using the crinkle cut blade. The mandolin enables the professional cook to slice a large amount of food in a swift process. Professional chefs and caterers prefer the adjustable platform mandolin with the capability of instant adjustable slicing features. The platform and flat board mandolin are a good tools for the professional and the home cook.



Cutting blades, adjustable platforms and a guard make the mandolin a versatile tool. The ease of cutting is a feature that any cook can appreciate. Blades are straight and wavy for various cuts.The cook must realize that the cutting system is basically a large, razor sharp tool that must be handled with care. There is a protective guard piece that should be used with the tool whenever possible. The guard is placed into the tool over the piece of food that is about to be sliced. The cook should place her hand over the handle or knob and manipulate the cutting tool with it.



A mandolin is a tool that can be dangerous when not used with caution. The sharp blades can easily slice through a carrot. The blades can cut your skin. Be watchful when using a mandolin tool. Use the safety guard to protect your hands. This is a tool for adults. Use extreme caution when teaching a pre-teen to use it in the kitchen.


Maintain a mandolin slicer by keeping it cleaned. Wash well after each use.The blades should be washed by hand with running water using mild dish detergent on a cleaning cloth if needed. Dry well. Some mandolins are dishwasher safe. Stainless steel mandolins should be rubbed with mineral oil to keep them in good condition .