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Carving all kinds of intricate designs seems like it would be a difficult task requiring hours of work and lots of skill. Dremel, a division of the Robert Bosch Tool Corp., makes the best high-speed rotary tools around, including a great pattern carving tool and a great selection of carving patterns. How easy are these carving patterns to use and can you acquire them without the purchase of the carving tool?


What Carving Patterns Does Dremel Have?

Dremel offers 18-plus free patterns for pumpkin carving. All patterns are available for free download along with pumpkin carving instructions. Patterns include basic Halloween icons, cats, gargoyles, ghosts, scary pumpkins faces, smiling pumpkin faces and the best of Halloween costume characters: the witch, dracula, a pirate, the mummy and the werewolf.


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Dremel Carving Pattern Kits

Dremel's cordless pumpkin carving tool can be purchased as a kit. The kit includes 10 bonus carving patterns that are not available as a download anywhere online. Use the kit to create intricate, spectacular patterns that will make your project come together quickly and professionally. The carving tool has two speeds, 7,000 and 14,000 rotations every minute, that produce clean curves and details.


Dremel Carving Pattern Instructions

Simple, straightforward instructions are available online. A quick read through the directions will clue you in on how easy the carving process is with the right tools. Carving away layers of the skin is the goal. The traditional method of carving through the pumpkin and creating openings in the pumpkin flesh is no longer the goal of pumpkin carving. Instead, the Dremel carving tool allows the removal of layers. This leaves a membrane of skin intact, allowing light to glow from inside and through the pattern you have chosen.


Transferring the Dremel Carving Pattern

Transferring the carving pattern is quite simple. Choose your pattern and then choose the perfect shaped pumpkin for your pattern. If the pattern is too small or too large for the pumpkin you have chosen, use a copy machine to reduce or enlarge the pattern. Use a quick measurement of your pumpkin to arrive at the right size. Adhere the pattern to the pumpkin with a spray adhesive and you are ready to begin carving. Any black-and-white design can become a template, so don't limit yourself if the Dremel carving patterns are not what you are looking for.


Use Dremel Carving Patterns on Other Projects

Dremel carving patterns are easy to download and print. Use them for more than just pumpkin carving. Apply them to glass etching projects, decorative signs, door wreaths and candy containers. Always practice before working on your perfect pumpkin or Halloween design.



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