Types of Hot Glue Sticks

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The invention of the glue gun and hot glue sticks has been a welcome tool for crafters and hobbyists for years. The use of the material has made the application of adhesive much easier for many projects. Glue sticks are simple to load into a hot melt gun or tool. Hot glue melts from its solid state in 30 to 45 seconds in a glue gun. It is a versatile adhesive supply and application system.



Glue sticks are used in the hobby and crafting world. There is a much wider variety of glue sticks on the market. Specialized glue sticks are made for industry, manufacturing assembly and packing. Glue sticks are used in the automotive industry, hair salons and in dental laboratories. There is also an Food and Drug Administration- and United States Department of Agriculture-approved glue stick for the food industry. Glue sticks in the hair extension business are lightly tinted to match any hair color, durable and able to hold a long-lasting bond. These resin adhesive sticks can only be sold to the professional hairdresser or salon and can be removed with acetone or fingernail polish remover. Black glue sticks are manufactured for the automotive repair industry. This material, Paintless Dent Repair, is used to pull dents, leaving no damage to paint jobs. It take 35 seconds to melt to the stage it can be used. The car panel must be preheated to 75 degrees for best success. Once the glue re-solidifies, a technician can pull on it and pull dents out. The glue is then removed with isopropyl alcohol.



Glue sticks come in several lengths and sizes. They are made from thermoplastic polymer with wax, stabilizers and "tackifiers" added in, according to the purpose for the particular kind of glue stick. Sticks used for industry must be high performance with strong bonding properties for demanding application or adherence needs. Sold in clear, white or translucent amber, color glue is applied to preheated metals, wood, nylon and PVC. It must be non-toxic for safety measures and heat resistant once it is adhered to a product.



Glue sticks for crafts and hobbies come in several forms. There are clear, colored and glitter sticks for applications that will show on the surface. The adhesive bonds to many plastics, foam, wood and paper products. A glow-in-the-dark glue stick is a novelty product used particularly for children's crafts. The novelty sticks can be used alone to melt and create art, ornaments and designs.


Versabond glue sticks adhere to most plastics, paper and wood-based items. The tan-colored stick takes 35 seconds to heat and liquefy. Economy and general-purpose clear glue sticks are used for a wide variety of assembly needs. They are used for floral arrangements, jewelry making, models, school room projects, fabric welting and for crafting. MaxiBonder is a resin-based product that adheres to aluminium, powder coated steel, glass, metals, most plastics and the most demanding, difficult to bond substrates. The packing industry uses a hot glue stick named "FastPac," which replaces tapes and staples. It works to seal corrugated materials, even those with wax coatings.



Glue sticks are melted with very high heat. A user can sustain severe burns if he does not use proper safety measures. It's important to use them in an area away from children or pets. It is essential to set the hot tool aside and make sure it is unplugged from the electrical outlet. Hot glue can still seep out of the end of the gun until it is thoroughly cooled.


Your carpet may have been adhered to the floor with glue stick. Many wood products are secured more thoroughly with hot glue, along with nails or screws. Glue sticks can be bought in small packages suitable for one project, or in bulk for a large variety of home, craft or business needs.