Apple Cider Donuts Delivered to Your Doorstep

Bring the flavors of fall home with our roundup of shippable apple cider donuts from seven orchards nationwide.

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Craving the unmistakable deliciousness of an apple cider donut but unable to make it to a local apple orchard or cider mill this year? Good news: Online farm markets are a thing, and they've got freshly baked fall treats just waiting to ship your way. Whether you live in a year-round tropical climate, where crisp autumn days are (tragically) absent, or you're simply eager to sample desserts from another region of America, these deliverable donuts have your name (and plenty of cinnamon sugar) all over them.


To take the guesswork out of finding the best apple cider donuts online, we've compiled a list of seven family farms and shipping-friendly farm stores where you can snag your annual dose of fall sweetness with the click of a button. (Note: Donut quantities may go in and out of stock due to popularity!) Pick up a gallon of fresh cider from the grocery store, gather a few autumn-obsessed friends and get ready to host your own mini fall festival right at home.

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1. Delicious Orchards

Whether you're wanting a box of classic apple cider donuts or pining for the powdered variety, Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck, NJ, has you covered. Made with the orchard's very own apple cider, donuts can be frozen and reheated—though you might just want to dig in as soon as they arrive on your doorstep. As if that weren't enough, Delicious Orchards offers free ground shipping on donuts!


2. Red Apple Farm

Phillipston, MA–based Red Apple Farm offers carefully packaged apple cider donuts via its website with a limit of four dozen per order. (Okay, we ‌guess‌ we'll save some for the rest of you.) These fall treats are quintessential New England, but they can be enjoyed just about anywhere—though we can't guarantee that you won't suddenly have an overwhelming craving for a cider slushy or a day of apple-picking.


3. Yates Cider Mill

Rochester Hills, MI's Yates Cider Mill has been around since 1863, so it's no surprise they've gotten pretty good at their craft over the generations. Today you can snag cinnamon sugar or plain apple cider donuts for shipping directly from the country store's website. These flavorful confections are especially delicious paired with a scoop (or three) of vanilla ice cream.



4. Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Craving apple cider donuts or other seasonal treats outside of the fall months? Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury Center, VT, ships its baked goods year-round. When you open your package of delicious donuts, Cold Hollow recommends eating them within five days (their suggested shelf life) or freezing and reheating later. Who says you can't enjoy hot apple cider and donuts in the middle of summer?


5. Okaw Valley Orchard

If you find yourself at Okaw Valley Orchard in Sullivan, IL, you'll find fresh fruit available for U-Pick, a charming family-run farm stand, homemade apple pie and—of course—plenty of donuts. If you're nowhere near Illinois, you can still taste Okaw Valley's donuts by placing an online order. Choose from plain, glazed or cinnamon sugar apple cider donuts—then top off your order with a jar of apple butter or cinnamon applesauce.


6. Mountain Fresh Orchards

Mountain Fresh Orchards in Hendersonville, NC, ships its apple cider donuts by the dozen within the United States. Made with freshly pressed apple cider, each donut is dusted lightly with cinnamon sugar and just waiting to be dunked in a glass of cider. Mountain Fresh's online farmers market also offers cookbooks, jelly, honey and more.



7. Lyman Orchards

Farm-to-table deliciousness awaits when you order a half dozen or dozen apple cider donuts from Middlefield, CT's Lyman Orchards, which boasts an impressive history dating back to 1741. Donuts are baked using a time-tested family recipe and shipped with care to ensure you can have the full Lyman experience right at home. There's something so charming about enjoying a treat straight from the family farm.

Now that you've got the scoop on all things apple cider donuts, there's more time in your schedule to plan other timeless fall activities such as pumpkin picking, hayrides and corn maze adventures. Just don't forget to bring along a dozen donuts for the road!

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