Houseplants to Gift Your Valentine—Because They'll Last Longer Than Flowers

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Valentine's Day is when we celebrate love, affection and romance with thoughtful gifts and mushy greeting cards that would make Cupid proud. Usually, those gifts include candy and a bouquet of flowers, which are all well and good, but cut flowers eventually die. Giving your loved one a houseplant means your Valentine's Day gift will live on for years, not days or weeks like a bunch of flowers. Best of all, the memory of you giving your loved one the houseplant will live on too.


Whether you're looking for Valentine's Day houseplants that bloom, have lush foliage, grow tall or add a tropical flair, there's something for everyone. Ahead, we cover some considerations when gifting houseplants and review 11 options we think are perfect for celebrating the holiday. These houseplants are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one's face while also adding some long-lasting greenery to their indoor space.

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What to Consider When Purchasing Houseplants for Valentine’s Day

Amount of Care:‌ When gifting a Valentine's Day houseplant, consider the amount of care needed for thriving growth as well as the recipient's growing experience. Some plants are fussy, while others are a breeze to care for. Therefore, you might want to give low-maintenance houseplants to novice gardeners or self-professed black thumb gardeners. They'll be the easiest to maintain. However, many gifted houseplants come with basic instructions outlining what they require for good growth. If not, you can easily find tips on the plant's care online.


Plant Size:‌ Although potted plants typically grow smaller than when planted in the ground, some can still grow to be quite large, towering over 10 feet tall. When gifting a houseplant to someone, always consider the plant's ultimate size and if there's adequate space inside to accommodate its growth. You don't want to give a tall growing plant to someone if they don't have enough space for it to flourish.


Allergies:‌ Some houseplants and flowers are known to cause allergies in those prone to them, especially if you're allergic to pollen, mold or dust. If the recipient has bothersome allergies, you can select another gift or choose a plant that won't cause an allergic attack. Plants you should avoid if allergies are problematic are African violets, weeping figs, ferns, palm trees and ivy. On the other hand, plants that clean the air and are good choices for those with allergies are peace lilies, Chinese evergreens, dracaenas, spider plants and mother-in-law's tongue.


1. Costa Farms Blooming Anthurium

Also called the flamingo flower, this anthurium (‌Anthurium andraeanum‌) from Costa Farms is sure to brighten anyone's Valentine's Day with its glossy red heart-shaped spathes and green heart-shaped foliage. It grows well indoors and outdoors in frost-free climates and is sure to add a cheery appeal with its tropical beauty and colorful, long-lasting blooms to any indoor area. The anthurium plant is around a foot tall and comes planted in a decorative white ceramic pot. This low-maintenance plant will grace you with its showiness for years to come. Place it where it receives bright indirect light and water weekly.



2. Bombotomy Juniper Bonsai Tree

If you're looking for a living Valentine's Day gift that is a little different, this juniper bonsai tree won't disappoint. The bonsai tree is three to four years old and is a dwarf Japanese juniper (‌Juniper procumbens‌ 'Nana'). It's a low-maintenance and problem-free miniature tree that makes a great houseplant, especially for beginner bonsai enthusiasts. The tree comes in a 5-inch-long, glazed bonsai pot that's top-dressed with decorative gravel and an accent mineral. You can choose to add fertilizer and a humidity tray for an additional fee. No worries if your gift recipient doesn't know how to train and take care of a bonsai because instructions are included to keep the miniature tree shaped, happy and healthy for years to come.


3. The Sill Monstera Deliciosa

With its large glossy green foliage with random holes resembling Swiss cheese, this Swiss cheese plant (‌Monstera deliciosa‌) makes a great Valentine's gift for those wanting to add an instant tropical feel to their indoor space. The tropical beauty measures 12 to 24 inches tall (although there's a larger size available as well) and comes in an earthenware cylinder planter with a drainage hole and matching saucer. There are seven different colors to choose from, but we like this blush hue for the holiday.


Monstera deliciosa‌ has a spreading habit and can easily be trained to crawl up a moss pole as it gets larger. Its low-maintenance qualities make this a good choice for beginner houseplant gardeners. Just give it a bright indoor location with regular water applications and a periodic spritz of water and it will add robust greenery to your indoor space for years.

4. Succulents Box Musa Tropicana Banana Plant

For a truly unique Valentine's Day gift, this banana plant from Succulents Box will meet those expectations. The banana is a dwarf cavendish plant (Musa 'Tropicana') and when grown in prime indoor conditions and with a little patience, it eventually produces small edible fruit. It makes a great gift for those who love bananas but live in a climate that's too cold to grow the plant year-round outdoors. Although all banana plants eventually die after producing a crop of fruit, plants produce pups that keep the fruit-giving going for years. The banana plant grows around 4 feet tall with large, paddle-shaped leaves and makes an attractive indoor specimen with a tropical flair. Just place it in a sunny location and water it regularly, and before you know it, the plant will start bearing tasty fruit.


5. Costa Farms Red Chinese Evergreen

With its attractive red and green foliage, this red Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema 'Red Siam') from Costa Farms makes a colorful and cheery Valentine's Day gift. The gift recipient receives a fully rooted and potted 14-inch-tall plant. It will make a stunning addition to any indoor space with its red-lined and lance-shaped leaves standing out against the green. The red Chinese evergreen is low-maintenance, tolerating a range of light conditions but produces the best color when placed in a location receiving medium light. It only needs water once the soil dries, making it a good plant for forgetful gardeners or novices new to caring for houseplants. It's also listed by NASA as a good air purification plant. Not only does it brighten any space with its color and good looks, but it also cleans the air!

6. 1-800-Flowers Classic Budding Rose

Since Valentine's Day is all about love, what better gift than a plant bursting with a bouquet of small pink roses that will continue to bloom long after the day is over? This classic budding rose from 1-800-Flowers arrives filled with unopened buds ready to bloom. It comes in two sizes: large (12-14 inches tall) or small (10-12 inches tall). The rose plant is in a decorative planter that is rose-patterned with gold scalloped edges, adding to the plant's overall beauty. You can choose to add a rose-scented candle from Yankee Candle and a floral-scented hand lotion from Cammile Beckman for an additional fee. The pink rose plant is a breeze to care for. Just place it in a well-lit location and water when the soil becomes dry and it will continue to grace you with its elegant and colorful blooms year-round.

7. Costa Farms Peace Lily

With its 9-inch-long, glossy green lance-shaped leaves and white flower spathes on tall stems, peace lilies (‌Spathiphyllum wallisii‌) make showy Valentine's Day houseplant gifts. This one from Costa Farms comes in a white decorative pot and is around 15 inches tall. It is guaranteed to make a showy statement wherever it's placed inside the home thanks to its continual greenery and dramatic blooms. It performs best when situated in a location receiving bright, indirect light and only needs weekly water application for good growth. Besides their attractive good looks, peace lilies are considered air purification plants by NASA and remove harmful toxins from the air.


8. Teleflora Sunny Cyclamen

With its heart-shaped leaves in deep green with silver marbling and pink blooms, this cyclamen (‌Cyclamen persicum‌) from Teleflora is sure to put the love in Valentine's Day. The plant is around 6 inches tall and comes in an attractive cream-colored pedestal planter. The dainty petals on tall tender stalks form together to resemble a butterfly. Although a bit finicky regarding their care, the cyclamen will grow well when placed in a location with bright, indirect light and watered from the bottom. However, you only need to water when the soil becomes dry. You should also avoid getting the crown wet to prevent it from rotting. Despite its pickiness, this cyclamen makes a good houseplant and will continue to thrive with lush growth and stunning blooms when given a little attention.

9. Costa Farms Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Making an eye-catching indoor focal point, this fiddle leaf fig tree (‌Ficus lyrata‌) from Costa Farms will put a smile on your valentine's face. The tree comes in a 10-inch pot and is around 4 feet tall but will eventually grow up to 10 feet tall as a houseplant. It is sure to add tropical appeal anywhere it's used with its large and leathery deep green foliage. The fig tree performs best and puts on the best growth when placed in a location that receives bright light and you only need to water weekly when the soil begins to dry. Fiddle leaf figs are perfect for novice houseplant gardeners or those desiring a plant that's showy but doesn't require a ton of care.

10. Bloomscape Bromeliad Aechmea Pink

If you're searching for a low-maintenance houseplant for Valentine's Day producing stunning blooms that can last for months, then you can't go wrong with this pink vase plant (‌Aechmea primera‌) bromeliad from Bloomscape. It comes in an 8-inch pot with a matching saucer. Choose from five attractive colors: stone, clay, charcoal, slate or indigo (pictured here).

One of the most popular bromeliad houseplants, the pink vase plant produces large green leaves that are strappy and look like they've been dusted with powder. The large pink flower bract rises above the foliage and eventually develops small purple flowers at its top. The entire plant makes a showy addition to an indoor space receiving bright, indirect light. You only need to water the soil when it becomes thoroughly dry, otherwise, you can water weekly by filling the central cup of the plant with water. The pink vase plant is a good houseplant gift for novice gardeners or those who don't want a fussy plant.


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