Champagne Glasses Worth Toasting To

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Whether you're drinking Champagne, sparkling wine, cava, prosecco, a fizzy cocktail or other bubbly beverage, a proper champagne glass elevates the experience. And that's not just because you're sipping from elegant stemware. The best champagne glasses also help bring out the full flavors and aromas of the drink, and they also promote livelier, longer-lasting effervescence.


What to Consider When Purchasing Champagne Glasses

Material:‌ Most champagne glasses are made of glass or crystal. Neither affects the taste or smell of its contents. However, crystal is widely considered the premier option. It's thin and light yet stronger than it looks and feels. It's also a bit pricier than glass. Glass is often just a little thicker than crystal. Machine-made glasses are slightly stronger than hand-blown pieces, though the latter have more artisanal appeal.


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And then there are acrylic or other plastic champagne glasses. These don't provide quite the same elegant imbibing experience, obviously, but they're a great option for occasions like outdoor parties and big gatherings. Many are disposable, but you can find reusable ones too. And as you'd expect, they're generally much lower cost than glass or crystal champagne glasses.


Shape:‌ You don't want to use your wine glasses or beer glasses for champagne. There are a few key shapes for champagne glasses that are specially designed to enhance the flavors, aromas and bubbliness of sparkling wines. A sommelier or hardcore connoisseur even prefers different types of champagne glasses for different types of sparkling beverages, but most people fare just fine drinking from any type, regardless of which bubbly they're enjoying.


Most people think of flutes as the go-to champagne glass. They're great for maintaining effervescence. But they're narrow, which prevents much oxygen from coming into contact with the liquid. This limits how much the flavors and bouquet come to life in the glass. So, while a tulip-shaped or trumpet flute is a classic pick, an egg-shaped glass is often a superior option. Coupe glasses—a type of wide cocktail glass—are also good, really exposing you to a sparkling wine or Champagne's aromas and allowing for a lot of oxygenation and flavor development.


Features:‌ Some people prefer stemless champagne glasses, which are harder to knock over and feel less delicate. Keep in mind that the purpose of the stem on stemware is to let you hold a drink without warming it when your hand is around the bowl. You can also find champagne glasses with etchings inside that promote the prolonged release of bubbles. And then there are things like insulated champagne glasses. Also, think about the care requirements. You handwash crystal champagne glasses, which also benefit from polishing. Many glass products are dishwasher-safe though, as are some reusable plastic ones.


Size:‌ Standard champagne glasses have between a 5- and 8-ounce capacity. Five ounces is about as small as you'll find since people don't usually do shots of champagne. But you can find larger options, which often come in at around 10 or 13 ounces.


Along with your budgetary considerations and the number of pieces sold together (champagne glasses are often sold in pairs or sets of four, six or eight, but also in other configurations), the above factors will help you pick out the best champagne glasses for your home.


The Best Overall Champagne Glasses

These are an easy top pick from a well-known glassware brand that's been at it since 1756. The glasses feature an ideal egg-shaped bowl for maximum enjoyment of any Champagne or other sparkling wine. Their elegant look is perfect for celebratory events and special occasions, and with an ample capacity of over 13 ounces, the celebration can get rolling quickly.


A long stem provides a sure grip without your hand warming the contents of the glass. And these glasses also have a "sparkling point," a design feature that promotes the formation of more bubbles. Produced with machine-made glass, they're relatively strong and dishwasher-safe, and they also work well for bubbly cocktails and even serve as quality white wine glasses.

The Best Tulip Champagne Flutes

If you're looking for high-quality, classic tulip-shaped champagne flutes, look no further. This set of six sleek, elegant 8.5-ounce glasses from one of the best-known names in stemware is a real bargain. They're laser etched to keep the streams of bubbles flowing and have lengthy stems to help keep your bubbly cold. Made from patented lead-free Tritan crystal, they're as strong as champagne glasses can be—resisting scratches, cracks, chips and thermal shock—and you can even clean them in the dishwasher.

The Best Squared Champagne Flutes

If you prefer the contemporary look of a squared-off champagne flute rather than a tulip flute, German manufacturer Schott Zwiesel has you covered there too. Constructed of patented lead-free Tritan crystal, these glasses are durable, scratch-resistant, crack-resistant, chip-resistant, thermal shock-resistant and dishwasher-safe. And the four slender, elegant, affordable 5.5-ounce flutes in this set feature laser etchings that maximize effervescence and maintain the streams of bubbles longer than many similar products.


The Best Trumpet Champagne Flutes

Trumpet flutes are another shape option, closely associated with more formal celebrations like weddings, anniversaries and galas. Waterford is a highly regarded, beloved luxury brand for crystal drinkware, and their gorgeous trumpet crystal champagne flutes are a great example of why. These elegant vessels hold 5.7 ounces and are perfect for a toast, while the bowl's slender body and deep V-shape promote bubbliness. Just note that these glasses have a relatively short stem and should only be washed by hand.

The Best Coupe Glasses

In addition to flutes, coupe glasses are another traditional option for drinking champagne, sparkling wines and bubbly cocktails. These beautiful pieces feature decorative etchings that are also functional, increasing the fizz. Like the other Scott Zwiesel products on this list, they're made from patented Tritan lead-free crystal glass, which is strong, dishwasher-safe, and scratch-, crack-, chip- and thermal shock-resistant. This set includes four 8.8-ounce coupe glasses, which you'll also enjoy using for a variety of classic cocktails like martinis, cosmopolitans, Manhattans, daiquiris and more.

The Best Stemless Champagne Glasses

If the delicacy and precariousness of traditional champagne stemware makes you nervous—especially at a gathering—stemless champagne glasses are the solution. The eight tulip-shaped glass flutes in this set have a sturdy, wobble-free base and hold a generous 10.5 ounces. They're dishwasher-safe, and they're even freezer-safe if you find yourself needing to quickly chill some servings of bubbly. And it should be pointed out that this is an incredibly budget-friendly offering, and you're not sacrificing quality or capacity for the savings.

The Best Insulated Champagne Glasses

So, you like the idea of stemless champagne flutes, but you don't like that your hand warms the contents because you have to hold the bowl directly? This affordable pair of 5-ounce double-walled flutes is just what you need. They're made from strong borosilicate glass with an insulating layer that lets you grip the bowl without warming the sparkling wine, mimosa or other beverage inside. And you can put these hand-blown glasses in the dishwasher, freezer and—should you find some reason to do so—even the microwave.


The Best Reusable Plastic Champagne Glasses

If you'd like to have some reusable plastic champagne flutes on hand for get-togethers, this set of six 5-ounce pieces is a great buy at a great price. Made from durable, BPA-free SAN plastic, these hold up for the long haul with repeated use—making them a more environmentally-friendly option than disposable plastic products—and they're even dishwasher-safe. And they have that desirable egg-shaped bowl for a more elevated drinking experience that you might not expect from plastic drinkware.

The Best Disposable Champagne Glasses

If you don't have much use for champagne glasses on a regular basis, or when you want some plastic champagne flutes you can use for a party without worrying about broken glass—and that you can just recycle or toss for quicker, easier cleanup at the end—this budget-friendly product is for you. You get 36 flutes made from heavy-duty plastic, and they have a sturdy base and 6.5-ounce capacity. Also, they have a decorative gold band around the mouth of the bowl, making them a festive option for New Year's Eve and other parties.


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