Get Super Organized With These School Supply Storage Solutions

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Whether you're homeschooling your kids and have a plethora of school supplies around the house, or your kids simply have homework to do after school, organization is key to keeping all of their at-home school supplies accessible and out of the way. Teachers typically send home a list of school supplies needed for the classroom, so if it's in your means, you can buy two of everything and keep a set at home. If you're looking to put all of your child's pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, glue, ruled paper and any other school supplies they need for their homework and school projects all in one organized place, this list can be a huge help and save your sanity.


The great thing about organizers is that they come in all shapes, sizes and price points. Depending on your space and how many items you need to store, you can buy something like a tote to hold folders and small supplies, a desk organizer to hold all of the essential writing utensils, a cart on wheels to store way more than just writing utensils or a storage bin that fits on a closet shelf.

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What to Consider When Purchasing School Supply Organizers

Type:​ If you could basically start your own school based on the amount of school supplies you have in your house, you need an organizer like a storage cart that'll fit everything from extra notebooks to staplers to learning tools like flash cards and blocks. If you only keep the essentials on hand, like extras of whatever supplies your child uses at school, something smaller like a desk or drawer organizer will make the most sense.


Storage Options:​ The more accessible the school supplies are, the more likely your child will be to use them. While one large storage box can likely hold all the supplies, it might be hard for your child (or anyone) to rummage through to find what they need. In which case, you might want to consider a box that has dividers to keep items organized or a different type of organizer that has different compartments in various sizes to hold both big and small items.


Cost:​ You shouldn't have to spend a lot to organize school supplies, but certain organizers that are more durable and more elaborate tend to be pricier. Most organizers that are good for school supplies range from as little as $5 to around $60. A storage cart on wheels can cost a little more since it's a big item that can typically hold a large number of supplies.


Take a look below at our list of the best school supply organizers of 2022 that'll help streamline school work at home.

1. The Home Edit Modular Storage System

$24.98 at Walmart


Getting organized doesn't have to be complicated, and this eight-piece stackable modular storage system makes it easy. Inside the storage bin, you'll find two large bins, two large insert bins, two medium insert bins and two small insert bins. The bins are transparent so you and your kids can see what's inside at quick glance. You can place this bin in a closet, a bookshelf or even a desk if it's large enough.



2. Learning Resources Create A Space Storage Center

$18.99 at Amazon


$18.99 at Walmart

A huge hit with kids and parents, this storage center from Learning Resources has nine compartments to hold everything from glue to crayons to markers to scissors to paint brushes. Each colorful tray is removable, so your child can grab the supplies needed without removing the entire tray from the closet or wherever it's stored. It's an ideal supply organizer that can hold way more than it looks. The only downside is that it doesn't spin like a Lazy Susan, which can make it hard for kids to reach the other side for supplies.

3. Simply Essential Divided Desk Organizer Set

$8.00 at Bed Bath and Beyond

It may look simple, but this stackable organizer can do wonders at keeping your child's school supplies organized on their desk so they actually have room to do their homework. It's ideal for storing small items that wouldn't otherwise have a home. It comes with a small caddy with one compartment, a medium caddy with one compartment and a large caddy with three compartments. The organizer comes in three color options: blue. yellow and navy.


4. Marbrasse Mesh Desk Organizer

$16.99 - $24.64 at Amazon

$24.10 at Walmart

If you're tired of throwing away crayon, marker and colored pencil boxes because they keep getting torn, check out this mesh desk organizer that can hold up to nine boxes of writing or color utensils without all the boxes. There's also a drawer to hold a calculator, stapler, paperclips, small pads of paper and other small items. The organizer comes in two colors: black or silver.

5. Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart

$67.47 at Amazon

$81.00 at Walmart

This rolling storage cart is the ultimate school supply organizer. With 12 drawers of varying sizes, you can store all the school supplies and much more. It's also a great place to keep art supplies, craft supplies and other random things that you don't know where to put. The top of the cart can function as a table or a place to cut and measure things. Locking wheels make the cart portable when needed, and semi-transparent drawers allow you to get a glimpse at what's inside so you don't have to open each drawer first.


6. Godery Desktop File Folder Tote

$15.59 - $15.99 at Amazon

If portability is important for your at-home school supplies, this tote is a great option. It works well as a file folder, but it also can hold notebooks, binders, books, tablets, markers, scissors, pencils and other small items. It's made of durable nylon, so it's built to withstand the weight of supplies. The tote has one large center compartment and five exterior pockets, and it's lined with cardboard to help keep its shape. There are five color combinations to choose from.

7. SmartStore Home Learning Supplies Storage Starter Kit

$54.94 at The Container Store

This starter kit will get you through the entire school year. It features several compartments for your child's home learning essentials, including a handled tray with small compartments that sits atop a clear bin that can hold several folders, workbooks and extra paper. The kit also includes seven project file folders that can hold homework or artwork your child has brought home, as well as writing utensils. You can purchase the entire pieced together kit, or your can add individual items based more specifically on what you need.


8. Madesmart Interlocking Bin Pack

$10.99 at Amazon

$6.33 at Walmart

For small school supplies like writing utensils, calculators, tape, glue, scissors and more, you might be able to get away with these bins that sit inside a drawer. The bins interlock, giving you mix and match potential so you can personalize the order of the bins as you please. Made from high-quality BPA-free plastic, the bins are sturdy and can tolerate some wear and tear.

9. Sterilite ClearView Drawer Organizer

$24.11 at Amazon

$13.48 at Walmart

Sometimes, a basic organizer is all you need for all the extra school supplies laying around your house. This three-drawer organizer can hold large supplies like binders, construction paper, notebooks and school books. You can also purchase a small organizer like the Madesmart Interlocking Bin Pack (see above) to place inside one of the drawers so smaller items can be securely stored. Ergonomic drawer handles make them comfortable to pull out, and the transparency of the drawers makes it easy to see what's inside.

10. Arteza Portable Craft Organizer

$33.99 at Amazon

This craft organizer comes with two caddies, each with its own wooden handle for portability. Each caddy has three compartments—two small and one large. The two caddies are stackable and can be carried as one unit or separated into two. A tip on organizing: If you keep all the coloring utensils on the top, it'll be easy for your child to grab and go, with the bottom half holding different items. That way they don't need to lug around the entire caddy if they only want to color.


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