10 Craft Kits by Women-Owned Businesses You'll Actually Use

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A new month has begun and what better way to embrace that by trying a new craft – or five? Since it's also Women's History Month (and since one month isn't enough, anyway!), there's no better time to celebrate women and what they contribute to the world. All crafts featured in this list are from women-owned businesses. They have worked hard to create and share their passions with the world and we're here to highlight their skills and effort.

If you've been the feeling that home décor itch, then this first craft is for you. DIY mason jar sconces are a great way to spruce up a wall with something that's unique to you and your home. This kit includes everything to create 3 rustic mason jar wall sconces. The creator Infinite Abyss, has a 5-star rating and if the reviews are to be believed, they are well deserved. If wall décor doesn't strike your fancy, then she also has hexagonal plater shelves, gift sets for spa days and rustic memo boards to choose from.

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Mountain Thread Co. Has created a plan for coiled rope basket that seems to be hit with their customers. This craft is a little more intermediate than others but that only means that the end result will bring that much more satisfaction. This kit would make would make a great gift or the basket itself would be great too. Mountain Thread Company also offers various patterns for coiled rope coasters, tote bags, or bowls.

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This craft features another seller who has 5-star reviews and for good reason. Her embroidery kits are beautiful and well thought out. She offers a variety of designs including animals, initials and quotes. It's safe to say that investing in one of these kits would introduce some whimsy into daily life.

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Candle making is an activity that will almost always result in a deep, contented sigh followed by a small satisfied smile. This lovely kit includes enough materials for 3 candles that contain essentials oils and can be customized. The Hobbyist Box has a curated a product that doubles as pleasant home activity or a gift for someone who's interested in dipping their toes into the self-care arena.

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Terrariums used to conjure images of giant spiders or snakes creeping over rocks and moss only to be stopped by a glass case, but they have had a re-branding if you will. Mini terrariums are now a cute and fun activity that one could if interested. These beautiful potential centerpieces are sold by The Simply Crafty Shop would definitely be a conversation starter for a Zoom meeting while also bringing in some of the outside world that we all miss.

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Since more and more people are staying home, painting has been the most obvious activity to choose. Tammy of Tammy Silberman Art has created a unique custom kit for her customers. Her "Aeluin" kit features hues of blue, white and gold. It has been thoroughly tested and the results are simply stunning – it would be a shame not to give this a try.

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If you've ever been interested in making jewelry, then this next kit is for you! Liat of Dew Drop Inc. has created a kit for others to try their hand at polymer jewelry. She has many glowing reviews and the pictures also speak for themselves. Liat offers different styles and colors, so it would be great way to experiment with a new hobby while simultaneously supporting a woman-owned business.

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Jennifer of The Sketching Pad Shop has truly created something special with her mosaic kit. It brings back the nostalgia of school arts and crafts while also managing to make something entirely new. The shop also offers kits to make mosaic sunflowers, butterflies, turtles and more. Any of these kits would be a great addition to a home or a gift to celebrates a person's uniqueness.

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As we say goodbye to winter and welcome spring it only makes sense to commemorate it with a craft. LillyDillys has created a simple yet pretty product that has versatile uses. The kit includes a bamboo hoop, felt, glue and twine. It's safe to safe that the purchaser wouldn't be disappointed with this buy, especially if the reviews are to be believed.

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The final kit on this list is a glass wall art kit that sounds complex but is quite the opposite. Mary of Shard Worx created a kit for artists because she is one herself. It includes resin, crushed glass, a canvas, and instructions. This would be a great rainy-day activity that you would always have a memento to cherish.

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There's no doubt that these women have created amazing products. So amazing in fact that trying to choose just one of these crafts from this list would be quite difficult. Luckily there is no rule that says only one needs to be chosen. It's safe to say that whatever is chosen, the user will be more than satisfied and will have also supported a women-owned business during Women's History Month, which is a great way to celebrate.