10 Clever Hair Dryer Home Hacks

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When you need to tame a cowlick or fight your natural curl, there's nothing for the job like a hair dryer. Many people never even take them out of the bathroom, seeing the dryer as a grooming product alone. But just as your hair dryer has multiple settings, it has multiple purposes around your home. Your hair isn't the only thing that's about to look good.


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1. Speed Up Paint Drying

There's a reason "it's like watching paint dry" is used to describe boring things. This is hardly a newsflash, but... paint dries slowly. That's annoying when you're just trying to do a touch up but have to keep coming back on multiple days to add additional coats. Once the paint is dry enough to be just tacky, hit it with hot air until it dries, then add another coat right away.

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2. Blow Up Balloons and Inflatables

It sounds too good to be true, but a hair dryer actually can be used to fill balloons and other inflatables. This hack involves cutting the top off of a plastic drink bottle. The mouthpiece of the bottle fits into the opening of the balloon, while the cut part of the bottle fits over the hair dryer's nozzle. Use cool air to prevent the balloon from popping.


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3. Remove Stickers and Adhesive

The only thing more stubborn than a toddler is a really stuck sticker. We've all struggled with those price stickers and other adhesives that just won't peel up under your fingernails. Using a hair dryer to blow warm air over the sticker, even just for 10 to 15 seconds, should melt the glue enough to make it easier to remove.


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4. Stretch Tight Shoes

When you're wearing new shoes that are too tight, all you can think about is the discomfort. This simple hack helps you to mold new shoes to your feet. Pull on a pair of thick socks (or two) and put on the shoes. Turn the hair dryer on warm and focus the air over different parts of your shoes, flexing and moving your feet as much as possible to stretch the material.



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5. Ease Bandage Removal

Like stubborn stickers, some bandages are really resistant to peeling. That's great when you're protecting a wound but becomes painful when it's time to remove the bandage. Parents of young kinds especially know how hard it can be to coax a bandage off a child's skin without them yelping. Warm it with the blow dryer first to make it easier to remove.


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6. Get Frozen Water Moving

Frozen pipes are a potential disaster. Get the water moving again by heating pipes with the blow dryer. Starting with the section of pipe nearest the faucet, blow hot air along the pipe from at least several inches away, without actually coming in contact with it. Be very careful to keep the hair dryer from coming in direct contact with water.


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7. Dry Clothes Before Packing

Your socks and bathing suit are still wet, but it's time to pack your suitcase for home. Stuffing wet things into a bag is bound to result in mildew. When you're traveling, use a hair dryer to dry these kinds of small items before packing them away.



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8. Dust Delicate Surfaces

Everything in your home collects dust. A dust cloth or feather duster is fine for tackling many areas, but may be too aggressive for things like potted plants and delicate art pieces. For these items, your hair dryer can blow away dust and debris without disturbing anything else. Use the dryer's cool setting.

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9. Clean Spilled Candle Wax

The thing about candles is, the wax has to go somewhere. For candles that aren't contained in jars, melted wax tends to drip onto tables and tablecloths. Once it dries, that wax can be tough to remove. A hair dryer on its warm setting will slowly remelt the wax so you can clean it away with a cloth.

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10. Reheat Leftovers

If you're at home, reheating leftovers generally involves the microwave or stove. But what about when it's midnight in a hotel room and you're craving the leftover pizza chilling in the mini fridge? Your hair dryer comes to the rescue. Wrap leftovers loosely in foil and blow the dryer at the foil, warming up the food inside without contaminating it.

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