10 Crucial Tips for Preventing a Cold or the Flu

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Don't let a cold or the flu ruin your fun this fall. Boosting your immune system is crucial to staying healthy, but a few lifestyle changes can also make a huge difference. This list of 10 simple yet critical tips will help you develop healthier (and cleaner) habits so you don't have to spend the season sick in bed!

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Keep Hands Squeaky Clean

Prevent spreading germs by keeping your hands clean throughout the day. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water — especially before meals — is one of the best ways to stop germs in their tracks.

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Keep Surfaces Clean

Germs and bacteria can easily build up on commonly used surfaces such as your office desk, kitchen table and even your car interior. Wipe these spots down regularly with a good disinfectant solution before they become breeding grounds for sickness.

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Avoid Sharing Food, Drinks & Utensils

You may want to think twice before trying a bite of your bestie's burger or a sip of your cousin's smoothie. Sharing food, drinks and eating utensils is a quick and easy way to spread germs from person to person. That spoonful of soup certainly won't be worth a week of coughing and congestion. Err on the side of caution and keep your meals all to yourself.

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Keep Devices Clean

We're on our devices nearly all hours of day, yet they often go unnoticed as primary carriers of germs and filth. Your smartphone, laptop and remote control are amongst a long list of regularly used devices that need a good daily cleaning.

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Stay Active

Studies have proven that routine exercise can drastically decrease your chances of getting sick. So whether you prefer yoga, a long run, lifting weights or a salsa dance class, be sure to prioritize physical activity in your weekly schedule to stay strong and healthy.

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Eat Fruits & Vegetables

It's no secret that consuming fruits and veggies is an excellent, all-natural way to fuel your body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs to remain healthy. If you'd consider yourself a picky eater, no worries! Check out these ideas to sneak fruits and vegetables into tasty recipes you'll love.

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Limit Alcohol Consumption

A night out with friends after a long, stressful workweek can seem like just what the doctor ordered, but moderation is key. Consuming too much alcohol can leave you dehydrated, impair your immune system and open the door wide open to a variety of illnesses.

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Avoid Touching Your Mouth & Face

This tip goes hand in hand with keeping those palms clean. Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes — especially if you haven't washed your hands — and make it harder for viruses to creep in.

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