10 Ways You Can Actually Use Baby Oil Around the Home

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It's no secret that baby oil is the perfect go-to for soft, supple, fresh-out-of-the-shower skin. However, did you know that you can actually use it as a practical solution to a number of annoying problems around your home? This list of 10 brilliant baby oil hacks will save you a ton of money and make you wish you knew them sooner!

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Cleaning set-top stove
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Polish Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances undoubtedly add style to any kitchen. However, smudges, stains and fingerprints can build up fairly quickly. Rather than blowing through bottles and bottles of store-bought cleaners, save your coins and use baby oil to get that stainless steel looking brand new again.

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Close-Up Of Necklaces In Box
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Detangle Jewelry

Keeping your favorite necklaces and bracelets in one place seems like a no-brainer. But over time, they can get all tangled up. Avoid the frustration and unwanted delay as you get ready for date night with this baby oil hack. Just rub some oil between your fingers and work it into the knotted area. Before you know it, the tangle will be history.

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Man polishing leather shoes
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Polish Leather

Those boots are made for walking, so make sure they look good while they're at it. Ditch the store-bought stuff and shine those puppies up with baby oil. Your wallet will thank you.

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Bubblegum stuck
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Remove Sticky Messes

The next time you step in gum or find melted candy stuck to your wallet in the bottom of your purse, don't freak out. Your trusty bottle of baby oil will do the trick. The oil will work as a lubricant to loosen up the bond between the surface and sticky substance, and the mess will be gone in a flash.

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Treat & Polish Wood

If you're in the market for a non-toxic solution that will keep your wooden furniture and floors looking sleek and shiny, say no more—baby oil to the rescue! Simply add some oil to a clean microfiber cloth and work some magic.

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Loosen Stuck-On Rings

Having trouble getting your ring off? Don't panic. Instead of twisting, turning, yanking or cursing, let baby oil save the day. The lubrication will allow the ring to slip right off with no fuss.

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Metal door hinge
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Silence Squeaky Hinges

The constant squeaking from an old door or gate hinge can become quite the annoyance. But, guess what! Baby oil can take care of that, too. The trick also works to get sliding doors to smoothly glide open and shut again.

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Suitcase With Travel Stickers
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Remove Stubborn Stickers

Bumper stickers, price stickers and labels can all put up a pretty tough fight when it's time for their removal. However, they're simply no match for baby oil. Lightly blot oil onto and around the sticker, leave to soak for about 15 minutes and it will peel away with ease.

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