The Ultimate Room by Room Checklist for Daily Cleaning

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Keeping your home clean can be very stressful if you don't have a daily routine. Here is a room-by-room checklist of things that will make your home seem cleaner–especially if you are short on time. And it just takes a few minutes a day!

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Wipe down all the counters at the end of the night. Use a nicely scented natural cleaner so it will smell wonderful in the morning.

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Spot wash handles of the dishwasher, fridge and oven. Just a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth will do the trick.

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Scrub out the sink and make it sparkle at the end of the evening so you wake up to a "clean start."

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Place all the dirty dishrags and towels in the washing machine and put clean ones out for the next morning.

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The family room is often the busiest room in the house besides the kitchen, so leave yourself a few minutes every day for these tasks. Locate and place all the remotes in a designated place like a side table, basket or wooden box.

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Blankets & Pillows

Fold the blankets and place them on the couch, in a basket or on a bamboo ladder. Fluff and place the pillows where they belong.

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Coffee & Side Tables

Straighten any coffee or side tables and remove dishes.

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Bed Covers & Pillows

Your bedroom should be a retreat at the end of a long day. A few simple habits can make your bedroom look clean and neat without much work. Straighten the bed covers before you even get out of bed. If you don't have time to make it, at least make the covers look somewhat organized. Give your pillows a nice fluff so the bed will look inviting when you are ready to go to bed.

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Laundry Day
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Covered Laundry Hamper

Use a hamper with a cover for dirty laundry. This will be more appealing than open baskets of dirty clothes.

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Give your toilet a quick "swish" every morning. Don't bother with a cleaning solution, just use the brush and swish it. This one chore can give you an extra few days between cleanings.

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Dilute your shower cleaner with water and use it as a daily shower spray. Lightly spray the shower with the cleanser after you are done. The diluted cleaner will work all day removing soap scum. Squeegee your shower quickly after each use and soap scum becomes nonexistent.

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Other Areas

A quick scan of the rooms in your home can keep them clean and organized between regular cleanings.

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The floors in the kitchen and other high traffic areas should be cleaned daily. Don't use a broom on hard floors–instead use a canister vacuum with a nice hardwood floor brush. This will make them look like you washed them.

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