How to Make a Bamboo Ladder

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This DIY bamboo ladder is simple to make and costs about $20 in materials. It offers a tidy way to hang blankets, towels, or magazines, and acts as a chic decorative accent when propped against a blank wall. This project is perfect for any room in the house!

Easy DIY Bamboo Ladder
Image Credit: Jennifer Bridgman

Things You'll Need

  • Large diameter bamboo poles (1 1/2-inch diameter or larger recommended)

  • Small bamboo sticks (around 3/4-inch diameter recommended)

  • Tape measure

  • Drill

  • Speedbor paddle bit with a slightly larger diameter than the small bamboo sticks

  • Saw

  • Strong glue (Gorilla Glue or Liquid Nails recommended)

  • Tinted wood filler

  • Sanding block


Large bamboo poles can often be found at garden centers. Small bamboo sticks can often be found at craft and housewares stores.

Image Credit: Jennifer Bridgman

Step 1: Mark and Drill Holes

Decide where you want the rungs of the ladder to be on the bamboo poles. For six-foot poles, we recommend five rungs spaced twelve-inches apart. Mark where the holes will be drilled on the bamboo poles and make sure the marks are exactly the same size and distance on both poles. Use the drill and paddle bit to drill holes where you have marked.


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Drill Holes on Bamboo Poles
Image Credit: Jennifer Bridgman


Use a level or tape measure as you drill the holes to make sure that they are straight down the sides of the poles.

Step 2: Cut and Attach Bamboo Sticks

Decide if you want your finished ladder to have straight or angled sides. For straight sides, use a saw to cut the bamboo sticks for the rungs at the same length, approximately 20 inches. For angled sides, cut the sticks for the rungs at increasing lengths. We recommend starting at 20 inches and increasing measurements by an inch and a half.


Assemble the ladder by coating the ends of the bamboo sticks with glue and inserting them into the holes. If you want the finished ladder to have angled sides, order the rungs from smallest to largest, top to bottom. Fill any gaps with tinted wood filler.

Let the ladder dry overnight. When it's completely dry, sand any excess wood filler and prop in place and use it to hang whatever you like!


DIY Bamboo Blanket Ladder
Image Credit: Jennifer Bridgman
Make Your Own Bamboo Ladder
Image Credit: Jennifer Bridgman


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