9 Smart Ways to Remove Stains from Stuff in Your Home

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Stain on white carpet

Stains are the worst. Luckily, you'll soon be well-equipped to combat even the meanest stain, no matter where it appears in your home. Whether you're dealing with tough laundry spots or a dreaded wine spill on white carpet, use this handy guide the next time you find yourself stumped on a stain and watch it fade away for good.

Remove Butter Stains with Dish Liquid

Butter stain on a white shirt
credit: Jessica Kielman

No need to skip the bread basket at the next important client lunch, it is a mere opportunity to test out your new DIY stain fighter.

Remove Stains Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is more than just an antiseptic
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Hydrogen peroxide does it all, or so it seems. Not only is it an effective antiseptic and disinfectant to have on hand, but it can also be used mixed with other common household ingredients as a fairly inexpensive stain fighter for any tough cleaning job that may come your way.

Remove Stains from White Sinks

White porcelain sink, before and after
credit: Jessica Kielman

There is a simple and all-natural way to clean a white sink and remove stains, too, just waiting to be discovered by you. We're happy to facilitate.

Remove Laundry Stains

How to remove laundry stains with three common ingredients
credit: Jessica Kielman

There are so many commercial products that claim to be the best, but you really only need two household ingredients to remove even the toughest laundry stains with ease.

Remove Hard Water Stains From a Toilet Bowl

Hard water stain solution ingredients
credit: Jessica Kielman

Skip the potent bleach products that can actually make your problem worse. In fact, most over the counter cleaners won't be able to combat hard water stains at all. That's right, the answer is a simple, chemical-free DIY solution.

Remove Stains on Bakeware

Remove stains on bakeware, before and after
credit: Jerri Farris/Demand Media

Don't toss your old bakeware! Instead, try a few household tips to remove old stains and restore the look of your kitchen items to their shiny metallic glory.

Remove Carpet Stains Using Shaving Cream

Red wine stain on white carpet
credit: Jessica Kielman

This utilitarian cleaning hack will show you how to clean a carpet stain using plain ol' white foam shaving cream, so you'll pretty much never be stuck with carpet stains again.

Get Kool-Aid Out of White Carpet

Cleaning Kool-Aid out of white carpet

A Kool-Aid spill on white carpeting is anything but cool. Don't waste time wondering how to tint the rest of your living room carpet to match the cherry red stain, read this easy tutorial for what to do instead.

Get Ink Pen Stains Out of a Couch

Ink pen stain on a fabric couch

No matter how an ink pen stain managed to get on your upholstered couch, the bottom line is that you want it gone. Good thing ink stains can be successfully removed from a couch in no time.

How to Remove Laundry Stains

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