How to Replace a Single Garage Door Panel

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Replacing a single garage door panel doesn't necessarily involve tearing apart the entire door. Replace a single garage door panel with help from a garage door specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jake with Specialized Garage Doors, and we're going to show you how to replace a single panel in your garage door. So, to remove a panel from your garage door you're going to need a couple things. You're going to need two pairs of vice grips. You need your come along and you need your impact drill or any wrenches instead of the impact drill but you start by putting the door up off the ground, I like to go you know four or five inches off the ground and then take your pair of vice grips and set it under a set of rollers here to hold it at that height. You've got to do the same thing on the right side. Make sure you set it on the same set of hinges, the same height up. Then you want to take your come along, take your come along and attach it to either side of the cable here. You can do the right one. You can do the left one. It doesn't really matter. So, you get your cable puller on there, get your come along on there and just put a little bit of tension on there so it's starting to slack out here on the bottom. Once you've done that then you can undo your hinges above the panel that you're going to remove. So, if this is the panel removing, we're going to undo these hinges right here. So, let's go ahead and do that. You want to remove the hinges, undo your hinges that are on the bottom side of this panel. Then take your come along and crank it down some more. The farther you go the lower the panel is going to drop. Now that you're low enough to get this section out you just go ahead and lift it on out. So now you've got your panel out and you're ready to reinstall the new section. To this point it's looking pretty easy and we've gotten this you know, real quick to this point but you know, keep in mind that you've got to go get all these tools and it might be a little bit hard to round these things up. It will be a little bit more difficult than I'm making it seem just because I've done this 50,000 times being a professional, so you might be better off to just have a professional go get your section, come put it in, take a few minutes to do it. He'll do it right and then if you are adamant about doing it, you've got all those things rounded up, you just go ahead and do that process in reverse and you'll be all set. Again, that was Jake with Specialized Garage Doors and we have just shown you how to replace a single garage door panel.


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