How to Set an Angle with a Speed Square

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In addition to the 90-degree and 45-degree angles so simple to scribe from an angle, you can also use a speed square to set any other angle between zero degrees and 80 degrees. A home remodeling expert demonstrates in this free video of professional home help tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Chris Palmer. Today, we're going to talk about how to set an angle with a speed square. A speed square is a great tool to have on hand when you're doing any kind of marking and cutting. Scribing a 90 degree or a 45 degree angle is very simple, because those are the fixed angles on the outside of the tool. But also, you can set any other angle between zero and 80 degrees by setting the tip of the tool at one point, and rotating the tool across your work. Your speed square has all kinds of great information on it. Your top has an inch scale, up to six and three quarters. The next row down are hip valley angles for laying out a hip valley roof. And, here you have roof pitches in the twelve scale. In other words, a four and twelve roof rises four inches of height for every twelve inches of run. And, down here you have just a pure degree angle. You can go from zero, all the way up past 80 degrees. And, here's how it works: 90 degrees is simple, you lock the fence against your square edge of wood, and you have a great 90 degree line that you can cut; 45, also very simple. Hook the fence on the edge of your wood, and there's your 45 degree angle. Now, to do other angles, you want to use the pivot point here, the notch in the corner, on the corner of your wood. And now, I'm reading my degree scale along this edge of the work piece. So, there's a 30 degree angle, 30 is right on the edge here. And, that's my 30 degree angle up there. Here's a 60 degree angle, just like that. Here's 60, and 30. Any angle you want to lay out is right there on your speed square. Thanks for watching. I'm Chris Palmer. That's how you lay out angle with a speed square.


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