How to Repair a Leaking Bathtub

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Leaking bathtubs need to be repaired to avoid damage to the tub or wood below. Patch up your bathtub with help from an experienced contractor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Wade, and I'm a contractor in the city of Los Angeles. Today, I'm going to show you how to fix a leaky bathtub. If your bathtub is leaking or you think your bathtub is leaking there's a couple of things to look for. If you are up on a second floor and you are finding that water is coming from areas underneath the bathtub that could be a problem. The first thing you want to do is you want to do a visual on your bathtub. Look for cracks or anything that is showing that water is actually leaking from it. If you find that you don't have anything like that the next thing you want to look to is your drain down here. What you want to do is if you determine that's where it's leaking this is what you want to do. You want to get a tool like this. If you can't come across one of these there is another way to do it and it's basically just taking a wrench that will fit inside the drain and turning it like so. What you want to do is you want to drop this down in there. Let it catch the cross sites on the drain itself. And you want to turn it counter clockwise and you just want to turn it till it comes out. Once you get it out you want to inspect it and you want to make sure that it's not damaged. If it's not damaged you want to look to see if the plumber's putty around here has come off and in this particular situation it has come off. What you want to do is you want to get some plumber's putty, just a small amount and you want to kneed it into about an eighth of a inch snake I guess you can call it. Basically you know somewhere around there. And what you want to do is you want to wrap it around the base of the flange where it meets the threads and basically just wrap it around. Tuck it in there using your thumb and your finger. Just make sure it's good all the way around. And you want to replace it back in there. Just get it started with your fingers and using your tool you want to tighten it back down. Just get it nice and tight back in there. Make sure it's gets a seal on it. A lot of times how you can tell you got a good seal is some of the plumber's putty will start to ooze out around the ring down here. And you just want to clean that out with your finger and a damp rag. Now the next thing you want to do is you want to fill up your tub and hit the stopper on it and you know if you only need to fill it up halfway that's fine. But you want to check to see if water is staying in it. If it is staying in it you fixed your problem. If you are noticing that water is continuing to leak basically you are going to have a problem with the pipes that are buried either in the floor board or in your second story if it's a second story bathtub. And there you are going to need a licensed plumber to come out and do a trouble shooting performance to find out where the leak is actually coming from. But if you think it's your tub these are a couple of troubleshooting tips you can look at to check it out and things you can try on your own before you actually call a plumber in. So that's pretty much it.


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