How Do I Remove a Tiled Kitchen Sink?

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Removing a tiled kitchen sink requires care to avoid damaging your fixtures. Remove a tiled sink with the help of a professional contractor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Wade, and I'm a contractor from the city of Los Angeles and today I'm going to show you how to remove a kitchen sink. Okay, we're here at the sink that we're going to remove and all we're concentrating on is just removing the sink. There's many reasons why we'd want to remove a sink. It's no good, it's broken, it's chipped or you just want to change the aesthetics of your kitchen sink. In doing this we don't want to break off any of the tiles that surround our corner pieces right here so there's one way of doing it which is taking a cold chisel and a cold chisel is a stainless steel or a hardened steel chisel unlike a wood chisel and it's not very sharp and the whole idea is is breaking off the areas that are around the sink. As you can see right here that this portion of the quarter round is just slightly covering just the edge of the sink so we don't have a lot to take off but we do need to remove the whole quarter round. So, we're just going to basically bust them off, get in the corners and we're going to take this process we're going to do it all the way around until you get them all off, all the way around until you can actually see the edge of the sink that was buried underneath the quarter round and then you're going to take any type of a scraper and just try to scrape off all the excess dried up concrete or thinset I should say that was around the sink, so like I've said until you can see all the exposed edges right here. And once that's all done and you've removed your plumbing, it's pretty much just grabbing the sink and if it's a bigger sink, get someone to help you because these things are heavy and just pop that thing up until it comes up. Make sure you don't damage your cabinet and just, you know, just keep close eye on what's being pulled and pushed as you're pulling this big monster out of here. And that is how you remove an under counter sink.


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