How to Clean a Brick Floor

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Brick floors can get all sorts of dirt and soot on them, making the floor dingy. Blast the dirt of your wall away with help from a licensed engineering contractor in this free video on masonry.

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Video Transcript

My name is Giulliano Prieto, a general engineering contractor with Prieto Engineering in Los Angeles, and today I will show you how to clean a brick floor. The materials needed are a mixing bucket, muriatic acid, a tile sponge, a safety mask as well as heavy duty gloves. Brick floors are porous, and so they're very susceptible to getting dirty or building up soot. A lot of times, brick pavers, bricks, brick floors in general, they tend to have a film that grows on top of it which is called a calcium deposit. Today, we'll learn to clean all of those. The first thing that we should do is put on our safety items. I have here a breathing mask or a ventilator to ensure that we're not breathing the fumes from the muriatic acid. The next thing is we're going to use our safety gloves. These are heavy duty rubber gloves because the muriatic acid will tend to seep through any of the thinner gloves. Next, we will mix one part muriatic acid to four parts water in the mixing bucket. Take your sponge and dip it into the water to soak up the new mixture, apply the sponge to the brick floor, spreading the new mixture on to the brick floor evenly. Next, using clean water and a clean sponge, wipe off the remaining residue on your brick floor. Continue the same operation until all of the remaining residue has been thoroughly cleaned. My name is Giulliano Prieto with Prieto Engineering, and I thank you for watching my video on how to clean a brick floor.


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