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Tongue and groove wooden flooring are boards with either a groove running on all sides or a tongue sticking out on all sides, and each board interlocks with the next board for a seamless installation. Use tongue a groove boards without visible fasteners with instructions from an experienced carpenter and construction specialist in this free video on carpentry.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Mark Blocker and in this segment we're going to cover what is tongue and groove flooring. O.k., what is tongue and groove wood flooring? It's basically as the name implies. It's a piece of wood that's covered in all directions by either a tongue, the tongue being the top part that sticks out or a groove. This also contains a groove and a tongue on each end of the board. And the idea and the principle behind tongue and groove flooring is, it can be mounted and used as a floor surface without any signs of visible fasteners holding it down. And as you start with one piece against the wall, you can use your molding to hold that starting piece down. The next piece fits directly on to that tongue, fits in to the groove thus locking the two boards together. So as each row is added you can simply nail down right next to the tongue here and the next groove is going to cover that. So by the boards interlocking together that gives then their strength and their ability to hold down without you putting any fasteners in to it that's visible to the naked eye. The system works exactly the same on the end of the boards, with the use of tongue and groove, they simply all lock together. So the idea of tongue and groove wood flooring is to interlock the pieces of wood together and it gives you a way of fastening the wood to the floor so you don't have any visible signs of fasteners that holds the whole system together, and that's what tongue and groove wood flooring is.


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