Shower Valve Removal

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Watch as an expert plumber demonstrates effective shower valve removal in this free online video about home repair.

Part of the Video Series: Shower Valve Installation
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Video Transcript

we are working on a shower. We just got the water out of the pipes, the residual water. Now I am going to show you how to take this valve out and get to the heart of the problem. Okay this is where we just need one of three tools that we only need for this job and that is your Phillips head. Now there is a collar that goes around the valve and has 4 screws so we are going to pull out each of these screws one at a time. Okay, there's 1, there's 2, and 3 and 4 coming up. Now make sure to put these aside somewhere where you don't lose them and don't put them on the floor of your shower because you know what, there's been more than once they have gone down the drain and I've had to take off the drain cover and go searching around. You don't want that to happen. That can really delay a job so be careful with the screws. And there we've got the collar off and here it is. It's got a little bit of crustiness to it. It's just hardened water, nothing to worry about and let's just put this here. I've got a soap dish so everything is going there for right now. Now you are going to have some more water come out of here so this is why I have a little piece of paper to put here and watch how that sort of funnels the water from that residual valve water right there. You don't want that going down the back of your wall if you can avoid it. It's really not going to hurt much if it does. It will dry out eventually but the less water back there, the better. Okay.


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