How to Use Screws for Drywall

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Don't mess up the paper of drywall with screws. Learn how to add a new bathroom to a home, including tips on using screws properly in this free home improvement video.

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Video Transcript

This process here is why these plates are on the wall. These plates covering this pipe, is to protect the pipe from this stage. When I put the next sheet in here, I won't remember exactly where these are. And, as you can see when the screw hits it, it won't go through. So, let me put a couple more screws in here. Now, we're you're screwing this off you really want to try not to break the paper. In other words, you don't want to put the screw in you don't want it to go in too far. I don't know if you can see this one or not. You want the screw to sit just below the paper. But, you don't want it to break the paper. That way, when you come over with your mud and your knife it will leave nice smooth finish. And, it will hold the drywall nice and tight to the wall. Now, they do make a special nose cone for drills. So, you put your screw on the end push it in and it will only allow it to go that far. Anyways, now I'll just spend a little bit of time screwing this screwing the drywall off. And, then it will be done and ready for taping. So, now we've got just one more sheet to put on in here and we'll be done. If you're wondering why the drywall is purple, this is water resistant drywall that you use anytime you're hanging drywall in a water area where you have a shower a bathtub a sink. Something like that. That way, if water ever splashes up on it, it helps to protect the drywall. And, it doesn't fall apart on you.


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